3 Day Startup Madison When: April 25th – April 27th, 2014 Where: 100 State 3 Day Startup is only open to accepted participants and a small number of selected mentors.  The final pitches are open to the public. Attend the 3 Day Startup Final Pitches (Open to Public) When: April 27th, 7pm Where: 100 State Please RSVP here: RSVP 3DS Bootcamp Where: TBD When: TBD An essential event to prepare you for 3 Day Startup. Co-founder Joel Hestness will prep you on everything you need to know to rock 3DS. Open at accepted participants. Application Deadline When: April 18th, 2014 Apply here. Interviews We will contact you to schedule an interview. Admission Decisions You will be notified via email whether you have been accepted.